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Why Your Restaurant Should Add EV Charging Stations

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August 4, 2022
Why Your Restaurant Should Add EV Charging Stations

Taking some time to review your menu options and get some tasty things on there…Why not add EV charge points to your restaurant?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more prevalent in the UK. According to statistics, it's possible that there will be 25.5 million electric vehicles on the road by 2040. At least 250,000 more charging stations must be created to keep up with the demand. This offers a special chance for restaurants to generate income off of their car parks.

EV Drivers' Charging Station Challenge

The lack of public electric vehicle charging facilities is one of the greatest problems faced by owners of electric vehicles. Drivers may therefore need to wait in lengthy lines in order to obtain a charge and resume their travels. Providing EV charging stations outside your restaurant will draw in new consumers and motivate current ones to return.

Why EV Charging Stations Are Good For Restaurants

Due to a lack of charging stations, eateries have a chance to profit from their parking areas. Since they already have a substantial amount of traffic, why not make the most of it? By offering EV charging as a service, a restaurant may entice consumers to visit and stay there. In addition to earning more money from charging fees, the advantages of longer stay durations make EV charging stations the logical choice. Even incentives from the government are available to aid with installation costs!

How Can a Restaurant Implement Charging Stations?

The main decision is what charger a restaurant wants to implement. Level 2 and DC Fast Charging (DCFC) are the two fundamental EV charger types. An electric vehicle battery can fully recharge in three to four hours using Level 2 chargers, such as the Easee One, which need little power input. Level 2 chargers, which are sometimes referred to as "slow" chargers, are ideal for restaurant and retail businesses since EV drivers typically don't require a complete recharge while they are travelling locally and so the hour or so they spend in your restaurant will provide an adequate top-up. Fast chargers can fully charge a car in roughly 30 minutes, but many companies prefer not to install them since doing so necessitates costly electrical infrastructure changes. If you are based in Cornwall, Manta Power offers a free consultation to help determine the best options based on your setup and needs.

Once a charge point setup is chosen, restaurants just need to hire an electrical contractor. This is where Manta Power can help, and we install the leading EV charge points on the market.

How Can Restaurants Charge Guests for Charging EVs?

If you have one or several EV charge points installed at your restaurant, you will need to be able to easily manage these. This is where Manta Power can help. With our dependable, user-friendly EV app, restaurant owners can effortlessly manage all of the EV charging stations on their property.

With the Manta Power App you will be able to see the live status of each EV charger and easily set charging rates per Kwh for your guests. You can even allow your staff to charge their EV’s for a different rate and charge different prices at different times. The best part is the whole process is cashless, with users paying via an app.

So while your guests sit back and indulge in your restaurant's menu, you can manage everything EV Charger related through an app, blissfully earning extra profits for your business stress free. Win, win.

Quick Questions &  Answers

Q: What are the main benefits of restaurant EV chargepoints?



Q: How Many EV Chargepoints can my restaurant have?

A: The number of EV points you can install depends on the electrical grid supply of electricity to the area. Manta Power can give you a free consultation if you are located in Cornwall or parts of Devon.

Q: Is my restaurant entitled to a government grant?

A:Most companies are entitled to an OLEV grant of £350 per charging socket, for up to 20 sockets. Conditions for eligibility do apply. Check the government website for full details or read our EV grants resource here.

Q: Which charge points are best for public charging?

A: We would recommend a rapid charging unit as they provide the fastest charge experience for your customers.

Installing electrical vehicle charging stations in a restaurant's parking area can be extremely advantageous. Electric vehicle charging stations are a potent tool for attracting fresh customers and retaining existing ones, all whilst increasing profits.

Let us help you future proof your business so you and your customers can sit back, wine, dine and charge!

Get in touch today and get your free consultation.

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