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How EV Chargepoints Boost Hotel Profitability

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September 8, 2022
How EV Chargepoints Boost Hotel Profitability

The world of transport is changing and EV’s are a big part of that. By the end of July 2022, there were over 520,000 pure-electric vehicles on UK roads and a staggering 930,000 plug-in models, including plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). Electric cars present hotels with a completely new and exciting potential given the rapid rise of EVs and the lack of signs of a slowdown.

The lack of infrastructure for EV charging is one of the main obstacles to the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. This is where your hotel can make a difference - one that will be profitable for you.

Just like restaurants and holiday parks, EV chargepoints can also substantially boost hotels. Installing EV charge points in your hotel may offer some great benefits, and you could quickly offset any upfront expense.

Make your hotel more appealing to EV drivers

Long distance driving required careful preparation during the initial phase of EV adoption to prevent drivers from running out of juice and being unable to find a charging station. The introduction of EV charging stations around the UK has lessened range anxiety among drivers, allowing more individuals to feel comfortable travelling farther with their EVs. Hotels are well-positioned to draw on the rapidly expanding population of EV drivers, they can give their clients the convenience of charging when they get to their location by merging current parking with EV charge points. Hotels may quickly obtain a competitive advantage by taking action today.

Increase your hotel’s visibility

Due to a sharp rise in search patterns, booking services like booking.com, hotels.com, and airbnb recently implemented an electric car charging filter.

EV Charger filter on Airbnb site

Additionally, installing EV chargepoints at your hotel can help you attract a very active community of electric car owners, which will benefit your company. Your hotel might be included on websites like Zap-Map: UK's No. 1 EV Charging Point App 2022 if you install EV chargepoints and link them to the internet.

Appear More Environmentally Responsible 

All businesses are under pressure to enhance their efforts to understand their carbon footprint and, as a result, lessen their environmental effect in the current political and environmental context.

Which hotels succeed and which fail will soon be impacted on how effectively they can cater to EV drivers and show their dedication to a net-zero future. It's crucial to select a dependable charging network which is why Manta Power has established relationships with a large number of reputable EV charger manufacturers, enabling us to provide a wide range of options to improve both the customer experience and your brand.

Attract a Wider Target Market

Today's EV drivers are still considered early adopters and will remain such for the upcoming years. These drivers are regarded as "conscious consumers" who will pick an environmentally friendly service over a less environmentally favourable service.

The fact that many high-income and educated consumers are preferring to drive electric vehicles is another aspect to be aware of. These people are referred to as "high-value visitors." The additional amenities you provide at your hotel, such restaurants, spas, bars, activities, and room service, can all gain more attention if you manage to draw in more affluent visitors which in turn will add additional revenue to your hotel.

Monetise From EV Charging Tariffs

By installing EV chargepoints at your hotel you can easily gain additional income from the tariff you set. With the Manta Power EV charging app, setting up fees on an hourly or kWh basis is even simpler. Using the Manta Power App, which also enables you to see the current state of each EV charger, you can rapidly determine charging tariffs per Kwh for your guests. Even better, you might permit pricing changes and various rates for electric car charging for each of your employees. The finest feature is that customers pay using an app throughout the process, so there's no need to worry about fumbling with cash.

The fact that you may charge visitors for using the charging stations means that your investment will start paying off right away and eventually turn a profit. You can make almost £3500 a year with a single charger with only one £10 charge every day. Just think how much profit your hotel could return with multiple EV charging stations.

There’s just a few ways EV chargepoints boost hotels. If you want to find out more don’t fret to get in touch and discuss how Manta Power can help you make the step to EV charging.

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