EV Charge Points for hotels in Cornwall

Efficient EV charge point installation, easy-to-use software to manage your charge points, and earn extra revenue on every charge.

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ev charger software for hotels and restaurants in cornwall
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We can help your hotel install and manage your EV charge points.

Make use of our free software that allows ongoing management of your EV chargers and allows extra revenue generation.

We install the best EV chargers at your hotel

We offer a free onsite consultation at your hotel to help you determine the best EV charge point solutions for your hotel.

Whether that is a couple or dozens of EV charge points, we will help determine the best options. We will assess power requirements, costs, EV charger types and much more to ensure you have the most suitable setup at your hotel.

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Easy ongoing management of your EV charge points

Our free software is easy-to-use and gives you the power to manage all of your hotel EV charge points in a simple way.

You can see charge point status, adjust pricing and much more, from any location. We show you how to use it and are on hand for ongoing quesitons.

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Make additional revenue at no extra cost to you

Using our innovative software, you can easily set your own rate on each EV charge point. You can set different user groups so staff and guests have different rates.

Charging is even available through a key or via an app, making it easy for your guests and staff and a cashless solution.

female hotel manager in cornwall wearing glasses, at a desk looking at ev software on a laptopTopupmeters app screenshot Topupmeters app screenshot

Do you run a hotel in Cornwall or Devon and want to find out more?

Free consultation. Free software. Earn from every guest charge.

Why your hotel needs EV charge points

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Easy EV Management

Our software is easy to use and allows full EV charge point management.

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Manage Remotely

You can manage your EV chargers remotely, wherever you have internet.

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Make Additional Revnue

Add a small fee onto each charge for an additional revenue stream for your hotel.

Cashless Payment

No coins or cash. Payments are made online via an app, then paid into your bank.

"Matt helped find the right charger for me at a great price with no-pressure customer service. Great to have a local business doing EV Charger Installs!"

Karyn Kanowski, Cornwall

How it works

Our easy to use EV management software, combined with free onsite consultation means getting EV charge points at your hotel is risk-free and easy.

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Free Consultation

We will visit you to complete a free on-site consultation and help you determine the best EV setup at your hotel.



We will install at a time that suits you, using our team of experienced, professional electricians.

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Manage & Earn

Manta Power will onboard you with the chargers, our software and you can quickly start earning money from every guest charge.

hotel manager in glasses and blue top holding a tablet looking at ev charge point status in cornwall

Take control of your hotel EV charging

Free consultation. Free software. Earn from every guest charge.

We are OZEV approved installers which means that you can benefit from OZEV grant schemes. Contact us to find out more.
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