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3 Reasons Holiday Parks Need EV Charging

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August 18, 2022
3 Reasons Holiday Parks Need EV Charging

So you’ve seen a rise in visitors who are driving electric vehicles, but what should you do?

With lower operating costs, grant-funded incentives, and a beneficial environmental effect, drivers all over the UK are quickly choosing electric cars as their preferred mode of transportation. But, why should caravan and holiday park operators start considering charging infrastructure now?

Here are three simple reasons why holiday parks need EV charging points.

1. Generate more visitors with EV charge points

You are inviting a sizable number of EV drivers to visit your location by offering the ability to recharge. Deploying EV charging outlets at your caravan/holiday park will instantly position your location as a desirable place to visit. Drivers of electric vehicles frequently focus their trip planning on whether the final destination supports EV charging. Drivers are more likely to recommend your caravan/holiday park to the rapidly expanding EV community if they know they can readily recharge their EVs on your property, which will increase visitor traffic.

If your holiday park has one or more EV charge stations installed, you must be able to operate these with ease. This is where Manta Power can assist. Holiday park owners can easily manage all of the EV charging stations on their site with our trustworthy, user-friendly EV app.

You can quickly establish charging prices per Kwh for your visitors using the Manta Power App, which also allows you to view the current status of each EV charger. You could even let your employees charge their electric vehicles at a different rate and alter prices at separate hours. The best aspect is that consumers pay via an app during the entire procedure, so there's no need to worry about fiddling around with cash.

So while your guests sit back, relax and admire your views, you can manage everything EV Charger related through an app, blissfully earning extra profits for your business stress free. Win, win.

2. Additional Business Revenue Stream

Consider this: How many reservations would you lose if you don't provide EV charging? While every person's situation is unique, there is no question that providing tourists with a place to charge their EV car will appeal to both the more environmentally concerned visitors as well as to more and more frequent vacationers as we continue the transition to electric vehicles.

It's crucial to understand where you may invest in your holiday park and where it will have the most impact. Your business may simply add a new income stream by investing in EV charging to allow drivers to recharge their cars while they are using your onsite parking, and your customer will gain from your added services.

The main point here is that by utilising EV chargepoints on your holiday park, your business will be able to make a passive income by earning more money on every single charge as you can easily set your own rates with the Manta Power app.

Since the number of EVs will only continue to rise, it is vital to take action right away to avoid falling behind your competitors who are embracing the modern world. Don't worry if the price is what's stopping you. Government incentives make it possible to lower the cost of installation of EV charge points in your holiday park. Your caravan or holiday park can increase income by investing in EV charge points for your site, while also maximising charge point return on investment.

3. Up to £14,000 Grant Funding Available

Although it's a popular misconception that installing EV charging stations might be expensive, did you know that your campsite or resort may qualify for up to £14,000 in OLEV grant funding? The Workplace Charging Scheme allows places like caravan and holiday parks to gain grant funds for the purchase and installation of EV charging points as the government is eager to assist the electrification of transportation. Your caravan or holiday park may become the next popular destination for the rising number of owners of electric vehicles with the availability of up to £700 per charging unit and the capacity to add up to 40 charging outlets.

Just think of all the other ways installing EV chargepoints at your holiday site could help you soar. While it makes your site more appealing to travellers and increases your revenue, having EV charge points can also improve your holiday parks green credentials. These are all amazing qualities that are well in reach.

If you want to discuss how you can bring your holiday park into the future, get in touch. We’re here to help.

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